LP FlameBlock

For Multi Family Construction

Image courtesy of SK+I Architecture

The Freedom To Design More Efficiently

LP® FlameBlock® Fire-Rated OSB Sheathing is an ICC-certified component of fire-rated wall assemblies and roof deck applications. It’s engineered to meet code and do much more - offering strength, savings and design flexibility.

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Design Freedom

Using LP FlameBlock sheathing in fire-rated wall assemblies provides more flexibility in designing wall openings as well as more options in framing and bracing to meet structural requirements. It also reduces dead load and wall thickness versus common alternative assemblies.


Carries design values for load/span and shear that are superior to fire-retardant treated wood structural panels of the same thickness.

Savings and Installation Ease

Reduces labor and material costs by eliminating the need to install a layer of external gypsum. It’s also much lighter and easier to install than shaft wall.


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